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- Kim Conti DeGroot, Owner

" I achieved success by prioritizing excellent client care over monetary concerns. As a result, my satisfied clients refer their family and friends to me."


More About Kim

As the owner and founder of Kimberly’s Global Real Estate, I thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about us. I am very proud of the team I have put together and the level of assistance we have provided countless families for 20+ years now. 


I am often asked how I went from an executive at Kodak to starting a real estate company and the answer is simple. Real Estate transactions are very personal and the amount of trust you have to put into an agent to make the best decision on your behalf (with your hard-earned money), is very high. I have always felt that my trustworthiness and God-given talent for business and negotiation is being put to use well, and if you get the chance to know me hopefully you will see why. So back to my story.

Those who know me well describe me as gregarious, determined, fair, trustworthy and honest, qualities that have described me from birth. I was born and raised in Rochester New York by a hard-working mother and father and the entrepreneurial spirit of my extended family.  My father was from Italy, and we enjoyed living the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” lifestyle – every Thurs. and Sunday, until I was 12 – my 30s we all gathered at my grandparents for pasta.


After high school, I had big dreams for myself, and so it was off to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York to study International Business. 

After I graduated, I was offered a job at Kodak where I stayed for seven years. While at Kodak, I managed international operations in Stuttgart, Germany. I was their first female International Business Executive, a fact that I am exceptionally proud of as a woman. I was also one of 10 people selected to represent Kodak on-site as one of the 10 worldwide sponsors for the Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA.

By year seven of my career I missed home, I missed my family and I missed the Central Coast. But, after managing international operations for a Fortune 500 company and representing them on a world stage, I wasn't sure what my next steps would be. However, I decided to leave my very successful career and spent some time thinking about what I wanted to pursue next. I felt that real estate was a great way for me to assist others and put my business skills to use. 

In addition to Kimberly's, my husband, Dan and I established the DeGroot Youth Activities Endowment Fund, a San Luis Obispo 503(c) charity that supports local children’s activities in San Luis Obispo, CA as well as the Ruthian Investment Fund. 

Outside of work you can find me at the beach with my two dogs, or traveling around the US in an RV, or exploring new counties around the Wolrd. (ask me about my latest trip)...

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Our Story

Local Real Estate Professionals with Worldly Vision

​After returning home from a successful international business career at Kodak, Kim reunited with friends who were settling down and purchasing their first homes. Over and over, she heard the same story of frustration, anxiety and distrust concerning their real estate agents. Her friends were not being listened to or represented well and their dreams of homeownership turned into nightmares. This shocked Kim and she decided to do something about it. She was confident she could make a difference by representing her clients wholeheartedly and hopefully their friends and family too. 


Looking for a new career path that utilized her entrepreneurial prowess, and helping people, Kim found her answer. “If I can represent people and care about the client and not the check, I can find success and help others when they need it most.” Kim began to learn about real estate, apply for her license and then go into business for herself. Leaning into the business management skills she learned in college and throughout her career, Kim quickly built a name for herself. Kim hired the people she trusted most, her family, to take this journey with her, and happily found early success. By taking the time to consult with her clients on wealth management gained through real estate, her clients began to refer her to their families and friends and the business grew. 


The next natural step was to add on to her services by offering property management for those clients investing in real estate and needing someone they could trust to manage the properties. 


Today the team at Kimberly’s Global Real Estate makes a point to keep true to its roots offering real estate services that focus on the client's big picture and not the single transaction at hand. It is still family-owned and operated offering all residential real estate services locally and globally.



About Kim

Monica H., Client

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Kim handled our real estate purchase and the subsequent management of the property, after my daughter's graduation, with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise.  I would recommend Kimberly's Global Real Estate to anyone who is looking to purchase or handle your management needs in the Central Coast.

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